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Hire Me

I solve optimization problems.

I have a PhD in computer engineering from Polytechnique Montréal (Canada). My interests include combinatorial optimization in general, and constraint programming and integer programming in particular. I specialize in consulting and advising on operations research matters for startups. In short, I can translate a real-world problem into a mathematical model that can be solved via integer programming, constraint programming, or other methods. My goal is to provide a production-ready solution for any type of problem you might have related to operations research.

As a recent example, I was contracted by pganalyze to create a user-tunable, multi-objective optimization model for the automatic selection of indexes in Postgres databases. This tool was presented at the PGCon 2023 and JOPT 2023 conferences, and will be available for their clients starting this fall.

I can help you solve all kinds of custom or unusual operations research problems, as well as more traditional ones such as:

I can also maintain, modify, or add features to existing optimization processes. You can contact me at for an initial meeting. You can view my CV/resume here.

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