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A practical introduction to Constraint Programming using CP-SAT and Python (external link) (2024-07-03)
A blog post I wrote for pganalyze.

A Constraint Programming Approach for Index Selection in Postgres (external link) (2024-05-01)
Technical report detailing the optimization model that I built for pganalyze.

An Optimization Model for the Selection of Indexes in Postgres (external link) (2024-05-01)
Blog post from pganalyze's website detailing our work building an optimization model for the selection of indexes in Postgres.

Solving Domino Fit Using Constraint Programming (2024-03-27) (updated: 2024-04-03)
A constraint programming model that can solve the puzzle game Domino Fit.

Land Lot Optimization (2023-10-30)
Determine what to build on an empty lot in order to maximize profits while following guidelines and regulations.

Generating Crossword Grids Using Constraint Programming (2023-10-10)
A step-by-step description of a constraint programming model that can generate crossword grids using short word lists.

Optimizing MOBA Free Hero Rotations (2023-06-08)
Case study on how Blizzard Entertainment could optimize free hero rotations for their MOBA game Heroes of the Storm.

Temperature-Controlled Cold Room With A Raspberry Pi Zero (2021-08-18)
Using a Raspberry Pi and an old bathroom fan to cool a cold room during the summer months.

Raspberry Pi TV (Part 2) (2021-07-30)
Raspberry Pi TV project: Control VLC on the RPi using the TV remote and an IR sensor.

Raspberry Pi TV (Part 1) (2021-05-20)
Raspberry Pi TV project: Basic setup.

Recording Audio From the Terminal (2021-04-30)
Record audio from the terminal.

Minimalist Blogging With Emacs and GitHub Pages (2021-04-23)
Publish a blog from org-mode files using Emacs (this is what I use for this website).

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